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Tilden Tough Ten preliminary results

18 May 2014 2:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
What a beautiful day for a tough run. I hope everyone had a good, fun race. The initial preliminary results are attached here: PRELIMINARY TTT2014 results

Please direct any errors to me at schtimpy27@gmail.com by this Friday, May 23. After we are sure the results are accurate, the will be posted to the final race database next week. 

Because of a park emergency, we needed to move the chip reader for a few minutes so the park ranger's truck could pass. So a busy potion of the race was manually timed using the timing software. Finishers during that time have reconciled very accurately with the back-up timing. However, you may notice a few seconds here or there (specifically, if I had trouble reading your bib number, it took an extra second or two to enter your number to record your time). If you notice something WAY out of whack, please let me know and I'll go back into the manual back-up to troubleshoot.  

Additionally, there are 3 runners who have no finish time on either system. If that's you and you did finish, please let me know (an estimated finish time will help as I go back into the third back-up system).


  • 27 May 2014 4:50 PM | Anonymous member
    How about sub-90 t-shirts for ages 15&under and/or ages 60&over? Might inspire more younger/older participants. Also, ever think about 5-yr. age-group awards? Again, might inspire more people to come out and try this very challenging race!
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