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LMJS is an all-volunteer community organization, with volunteers who

  • plan and organize every aspect of our Fourth Sunday Runs
  • sponsor kids races
  • design and order our great club apparel
  • lead weekend fun runs and training programs
  • partner with local stores and organizations for donations and prizes
  • form relay teams
  • write articles, take photos and publish our outstanding newsletter
  • maintain our award-winning website
  • plan exciting events like Tilden Tough Ten, club parties, and much more.

If you have a little free time, a skill you’d like to share with the club, or just want to meet other runners, then you’d be an excellent LMJS volunteer!

Volunteer at our Fourth Sunday Races

LMJS hosts a 5K/10K/15K race every 4th Sunday around Lake Merritt. These races would not be possible without volunteers.

Why Volunteer?

  • an opportunity to meet and work with the LMJS crew;
  • a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put on a race; and
  • the amazing feeling of helping your fellow runners;


  • Race day setup
  • Food & beverage management
  • Check-in & race day registration
  • Kids 1-Mile Fun Run management (when one is scheduled)
  • Course direction
  • Finish line management
  • Timing team
  • Teardown & cleanup

More Info

For general information, please contact our Race Coordinator Karen Andrews.

Each LMJS race is directed by a Race Director (RD). The RD for a given race may differ from one race to the next.

To volunteer for a specific month's race, contact that month's RD. (This page will be updated periodically with the RD's contact.)

 Month Director
 March 2018 No race due to Oakland Marathon


Volunteer Recognition

We would like to recognize all the race volunteers who make LMJS a great club, month after month and year after year. The club sincerely appreciates all they do. Our apologies if anyone has been inadvertently omitted; if we miss you in our records, please email Edmundo; we'll get our records updated.

2017 Volunteers

ORF Training

DirectorAllegra N. Kim
PacerAnn Hake, Dan Tischler, Brian Lee, David Lindberg, Ed Nanale, Jessica Musick, Jim Eckford, Joel Musick, John West, Jonathan Zingman, Lori Solem, Lucy Stokely, Michael Kelleher, Nnenna Okezie, Paul Yee, Pierre Thiry, Sara Kurth, Shauna Pirotin, Theresa Woo, Vivek Correa, Yavanna Reynolds, Jennifer Kinder, Rick Soper, Hallie Von Rock
Assistant (including substitute pacers)Jeanine Bourcier Holmlund, Tom Leibowitz, Clay Van Batenburg, Kathryn Dernham, Edmundo Cruz, Chris Rodgers, Dave Nicely, Alisha Semplar, Fiona McCabe, Tim Lohnes, Bodie Lohnes

4SR, January 2017 

DirectorDavid Nicely, Susan Colborn
SpecialistJoe Davis, Sarah Vital
AssistantRacey Yao, Jeanine Holmlund, Pierre Thiry, Bruce Leary, Emily Toy, Eric Lum, Len Goldman, Mike Shanahan, Jack Zakarian, Edmundo Vito Cruz, Judy Jarosz, Kate Stewart 

Couples Relay, Feb 2017

DirectorClay Van Batenburg, David Lindberg
SpecialistKaren Andrews, Joe Davis, Sarah Vital, Jeanine Holmund 
AssistantMika Van Spanje, Jack Zakarian, Edmundo Vito Cruz, May Chen, Chris Rogers, Suzette Smith, Diane Bomberg, Rick Soper, Ernie Isaacs, Jim Morris, Brian Lee, Allegra Kim, Monica Mendoza, Fanny Peregrina, Michael Li, Linda Port, Todd Mayberry, Len Goldman, Rick Rosenbaum, Karlie Drutz, Huyen Phan, Cynthia Tiangco-Withers, Michael Li, Patty Osario

4SR, March 2017

DirectorEdmundo Vito Cruz, Jessica Musick
SpecialistKaren Andrews, Jorge González De Chaves, Minori Tsuge, Brian Lee
AssistantDavid Lindberg, Vivek Correa, Ed Nanale, Joel Musick, Paul Yee, Sonia Iron Cloud, Mika Van Spange, Efrem Rensi, Angie Woolman, Jeanine Holmlund, Ernie Isaacs, John Harney, Jack Zakarian, Alisha Semplar, Chris Lutz, Saraviva Teitelbaum, Kate Stewart, Chris Rogers, Eric Lim, Loraine McVey, Ruth Phillips Teitelbaum

Spring POtluck, April 2017

LeaderMaureen Powers
Sub-leader / Volunteer CoordinatorDavid Lindberg, Jeanine Holmlund
SpecialistEdmundo Vito Cruz, Suzanne Franco, Vivek Correa

4SR, April 2017

DirectorChristine Chapon, Maureen Powers
PartnerLions Center for the Blind
SpecialistSarah Vital, Karen Andrews
AssistantMika Van Spange, Susan Colborn, Linda Port, Fanny Peregrina, Sarah Vital, Pierre Thiry, Sonia Iron Cloud, Heather Appel, Edmundo Vito Cruz, Ethan Ligon, Gary Miner, Jim Buck, Alisha Semplar, Nancy Patten, Ron Rubin, Mike Barnard, Jeanine Holmlund, Susan Kester, Jenny Brown


DirectorDave Nicely, Kathryn Dernham
SpecialistKate Stewart, Susan Colborn
AssistantKaren Meyer, Christine Chapon, Efrem Rensi, David Lindberg, Clay Van Batenburg, Peter W Gum, Minori Tsuge, Diane Ambrose, Amelia Ambrose, Jeanine Bourcier Holmlund, Mike Shanahan, Emily Toy, Michelle Mimi Jacobson-Kwok, Jenny Kinder, Emily Van Loone, Diane Bast, Samitha Reddy, John Sprees, Brian Lee, Allegra N. Kim, Pierre Thiry, Sarah Vital, Roni Rubin, Judith Jarosz, Loraine McVey, Megan Lamberti, Kathryn Dernham, Karen Andrews, and Nancy Phillippine

4SR, May 2017

DirectorErnie Isaacs, Claire Blaney
SpecialistSarah Vital, Pierry Thiry, Joe Davis
AssistantSuzanne Franco, Ron Rubin, Rick Rosenbaum, Beth Houghton, John Speees, Sarah Liu, Victor Bast, Lucy Stokely, Dave Klinger, Karen Stevenson, Audrey Rieben, Rita Lynch, Rick Rosenbaum, Jack Zakarian, Ron Rubin, Audrey Waidelich, Beth Houghton, Vivek Correa, Rachel Murulo, Matt Rhodes


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