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How to Renew your membership 

Online Renewal

If you are an existing member then you can easily renew your membership on this website. 
Please follow these instructions: 

1) Log-in - Use your email address as your user ID to access the website and your profile. 

2) Password - Enter your password in the entry field under the log-in. If you don't know your password, or have never set one up, click on "Forgot password". You will be asked for your email address. Supply the email address you used when you joined LMJS and to which you get communication from the club. You will be sent an email that will link to a web page that will ask you to enter your new password. Once logged in, continue... 

3) Access your profile - Access your profile via "View Profile" located under the menu on the left hand side of the page. Under "Membership Details," click on "Renew until (date)" to sign up for another year. Payment is made using a credit card (via PayPal's secure site). Review the information in your profile. If anything is out-of-date or incorrect you can edit it yourself. Just click the Edit button on your profile and be sure to Save the information entered.

4) Family memberships - The primary member of the family should log in with their email address and password as described above. Only the primary member needs to renew. Family memberships are entitled to have other family members access to the site as a dependent members. To give access to others in your family click on "View Profile" after logging in, then click on "Add Member" and provide information on the new family member. Remember, only 13 year old and over please.

Mail in Application Forms

If you do not want to renew online, you can still use our paper application form, simply print it out and mail it in and we'll take care of it for you. You may still want to use the above instructions to check we have your details correct. 
The form may be sent to:
PO Box 431
Lafayette, CA  94549-0431
For help, please send email to

New Memberships

If you would like to join the club as a new member, please go to Member Application page.

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