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PRELIMINARY results for April 2016 4SR / Partners in Sight event

26 Apr 2016 11:11 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Congratulations to all of the over 200 runners and walkers who came out for the special Fourth Sunday Race! We were thrilled to run with the Lions Center for the Blind, Partners in Sight. Here are the PRELIMINARY results: April2016PreliminaryResults.pdf 

Special thank you to Minori and Jorge who handled the timing while I was away. And to Merrilee who handled the pre-registration process. Huge round of applause to them for overseeing such a large race, and resolving the usual hiccups with patience. You all are the best!!

NOTE TO RUNNERS: There were several 10K and 15K runners whose times were not recorded in by the timing chips. We will look in the back-up to get those times, but if you have are listed in red and know your estimated time, let me know, as it helps narrow down where in the back-up to look. 

Also, please let me know if you spot any errors (spelling or time) at schtimpy27@gmail.com by Friday, April 29, and I'll get those straightened out before they are posted to the final race results database.


  • 29 Apr 2016 11:25 AM | Anonymous
    I ran the 5k on 4/24/16 (bib #128) finishing immediately after Elizabeth Binnette, in either 21:32 or 21:33. (I am male/69.) Len Goldman can vouch for this result. We congratulated each other, had water, and ran a couple of miles together as a cool down run.
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  • 30 Apr 2016 11:59 AM | Anonymous member
    Had a great time being one of the guides! I walked with Marianne, a real fun person, and had very little issues. We hit it off so well we will be doing some walks on our own hoping to get to a level where we can run together. Thanks to Maureen for putting this together,. Hope to see more of this.
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