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Trail training


LMJS offers three trail training programs, each taking place at different times of the year.

early March – late April Trail Fitness
Prerequisite: Ability to run at least 3 miles comfortably.
An introduction to trail running, aerobic base building, and hill-based strength training.
late April – late June Trail Training for the East Bay Triple Crown
Prerequisite: Ability to run at least 5-8 miles comfortably.
An intermediate course on uphill/downhill technique, terrain management, trail pacing, in addition to hill-based strength training
late June – late August Trail Training for the Skyline 50K (new!)
Prerequisites: Ability to run at least 14-18 miles comfortably. 
An all-new program. This program has not been confirmed. Please feel free to email Coach Jeanine Holmlund if interested!

Time and Location

Training sessions for each program generally occur on Sunday mornings from 8:30-10:00AM. Specific details may vary, e.g. on attendee preference, distance, terrain, trail conditions.

The location of each run will be emailed weekly but will generally stay within the East Bay. In addition to LMJS 4th Sunday time trials around Lake Merritt, most runs will center around

  • Tilden Park (Berkeley; Tilden Tough Ten)
  • Lake Chabot (Castro Valley; Lake Chabot Half Marathon Trail Challenge), and
  • Redwood Regional Park (Oakland; Woodmonster).
These three locations are also where the Triple Crown races (italicized above) will be held.


Coach Jeanine Holmlund coordinates and leads each class.  Coaching High School Cross Country and Track and Field, Jeanine is a certified USA Track and Field Level 2 coach for both sprinting and distance running. She is our 2017-2018 LMJS President; previously, she was our Training Director.

Jeanine will be assisted by members of the LMJS Racing Team, all of whom are experienced runners and many of whom are certified RRCA coaches. 

Contact: ajarama [at] comcast.net


LMJS is a volunteer-run, volunteer-led RRCA-affiliated running group. Fees are collected, however, to supply and host community events and races. Fees for each program will vary; see each program's specific registration page for details!

Important: Fees do NOT include race entry. Note that some races (such as the Tilden Tough Ten) can permit only a certain number of participants and will sell out!


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