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Woodmonster Race Recap and Results

26 Jun 2019 6:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

2019 Woodmonster Race Results

Dear  2019 Woodmonster runners, 

Co-race directors, Susan Colborn and myself, Christine Chapon, want to congratulate and thank you for your participation in this year’s unique version of the last race of the LMJS Triple Crown.

We hope you enjoyed the alternate route of  the 2019 Woodmonster! Next year, barring no trail closures, the  full Woodmonster climb will be back. 

When I found out on my birthday that we had to rethink the course, my first reaction was “dang what a great gift”! But indeed it was a gift !t forced me  to explore new routes, and consult with several of my running friends. I would like to thank Diane Ambrose , Jeanine Holmlund , Nancy Philippine, Susan Colborn,  Rick Rosenbaum, Joe Schieffer, Adam Ray, Brian Black, John Spriggs, Jerry Flanagan and Randall Conner for their sound advice. My number one goal was to keep as much of the spirit of the Woodmonster as possible! 

Should I mention that  the closed trails reopened the day before the race? Could not risk to disappoint you all!

On June 23rd, we had 234 runners, a record number thanks to the  East Bay Regional Park Department who allowed us to accept up to 250 entries. 250 is a great target for our family and community oriented race. We like to think that it gives the opportunity to all participants to meet new fellow runners and enjoy their time on the trails without feeling overcrowded. Many thanks to so many of you who return year after year to tackle the Oakland Hills!

It takes a bit of work to recruit participants and I would like to thank all our friends who helped us promote the race starting with the Bay area running clubs:  Pamakids (Paul Barnes), Tamalpa (David Leipsic) Excelsiors (Cliff Lentz), That’s Fine Track Club ( Samuel Robinson), RUN 365 , Running for a Better Oakland. A special shout out to the queen of social media, Sarah Dever from Transports who helped us promote Woodmonster and the East Bay Triple Crown on a weekly basis for the past few months! If you are not familiar with Transports, our top sponsor for this race,  I encourage you to go visit their stores on College in Oakland and on Solano in Berkeley. Great service and an amazing selection of shoes and accessories for all runners! Many thanks to all of you who brought your friends! Last but not least we received great support from Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders(LMJS), our own running club and many of its members.

Now, here comes the much expected Woodmonster RESULTS!!! ( link has been posted on LMJS website after the race)  https://www.fordtiming.us/results

Our overall  winner was returning champ Bradford Bryon( actual time, 1:12:47 ) from Tamalpa, followed by  Cliff Lentz( actual time 1:06:46 ) from Excelsiors and  Samuel Robinson who also clicked the fastest time (59.15 ). 

Verity Breen from Tamalpa, 4thoverall and a short 31sec behind Sam, led the ladies with force and spirits as always, (1:23:54). Our second lady was outstanding 15 year old El Camino High school athlete, Noelle Diep ( 1:19:10) and  our third lady was our long time Woodmonster friend from Pamakids, Anne Mason (1:30.10).

If you missed the age group awards ceremony, our youngest runners were, East Bay Triple Crown survivors,  Ruby  and Nikita Gorelick (respectively 7 and 9 year old) who ran with their parents not only Woodmonster but  also Tilden Tough Ten and Lake Chabot trail challenge half-marathon. Watch out for those two young athletes in the years to come! Our most senior runner was Dan Boone ( 78 year old) . Quite an inspiration!

Team with Most Runners: Tamalpa running club ( 14) 

Fastest team of 5:LMJS ( Adam Brosh, Brian Black, Victor Yee, Doug Fontaine, Joseph Makonnen)

All the details can be found at this link: http://fordtiming.com/Results/2019/WOODMONSTER/AGE.HTM

Congratulations to our 53 East Bay Triple Crown survivors: Tilden Tough Ten- Lake Chabot Trail Challenge Half – Woodmonster

Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19ASHmKI_tW-L_FfV-8A-qf7_LICqfrtKhr2Nf9At1N0/edit?usp=sharing

Many of  them trained with  the LMJS Triple Crown training trail class under the leadership of Coach Jeanine Holmlund and Edmundo Vito Cruz.

Open division (under 50): 

·     Champion: Tara Madsen-Steigmeyer and Christian Fitting

·     Place ( 2nd): Audrey Haynes and Jack Wallace

·     Show ( 3rd): Sue VQ Smith and Samuel Clinton

Ruth Anderson cup: (over 50)

·     Champion: Sharon Taylor and Brian Black

·     Place ( 2nd): Nancy Patten and Jerry Flanagan

·     Show ( 3rd): Susan Moser and Randall  Conner


  • Photographers:

Start- Finish: Luigi Semenzato

Batch1: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6AT186b2TFWgn4FU6

Batch 2: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bDwJaBxHe8ALatPj9

Start- Finish: Jay Boncondin ( who was racing too) https://photos.app.goo.gl/2GwDyz1i5kcnSorv5

Top of Woodmonster:

 Mandy  Philippine: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PAodcJzLhjgsiYmi7

Dominique Philippine : https://photos.app.goo.gl/eEg6qLjy1dfVzmNi8

  • Graphic Artist:  

Michael Mabry who  since 2016 has designed our  shirts, postcards, Pint glasses and  maps ( he had to draw a new map for this edition!) 


A big shout out to Bev Nakashima , owner of local running store TRANSPORTS  for being so generous with gift certificates. Please consider shopping there, you won’t be disappointed.   Our other local sponsors include: 

MBJESSEE, ,OCHO GU  Rick Richetta with COMPASS And BROOKS for donating 8 pairs of shoes.

  • Over 60 volunteers donated their time and energy  to support the race!  

·     Website: Victor Yee, Jeanine Holmlund, David Nicely, Claire Blaney

·     Online Reg: Jack Zacharian

·     Communication: Kathryn Dernham

·     Marking course: Rick Rosenbaum, Cathleen Chua-Schulte, Diane and Mike Ambrose

·     Pre-Runners: Chris Rogers, Mike Ambrose and Ruben Ramirez.

·     Parking: Edward Carney, Chris Mintzias, Jim Morris, George Manning and Jeff Kramer

·     Registration: Cathy Kora, Kathryn Dernham, Midori Lambert, Susan Liu, May Chen and Minori Tsuge

·     Tee-Shirts: Edward Carney, Kathryn Dernham, Midori Lambert, Margaret Schultz

·     Start-Finish: Darryl Beardall-The Legend.

·     Course Monitors: George Manning, Jeanne Olson, Jack Zacharian, Chris Rogers, Krissy Montgomery, Dan Piponi, Sara Nakielny, Anne Marie Henning, Valerie Kao, Diane Ambrose, Al Claudio, Max and Vickie Podell, Diana Leon and Jose Moreno, Tayson Buy, Sonia Iron Cloud, Karen  Andrews, Vivek Correra. 

·     Aid Stations: 

  o  Stream: Beth Black, Ellie and Maggie Black, Margaret Schultz and Jules Korman

  o  Bowl: Mike Shanahan, Emily Toy , Amelia Ambrose, Sandhya Pfile, Cathleen Chua Schulte

·     Sweepers: Janice Prudhomme and Gerry Bourne

·     Scrubbers: Jenn Stringham and Adam Ray

·     Food: Cook Jeanine Holmlund and  Cook Nancy Philippine

Managing food: Nancy Philippine Midori Lambert and Samantha Cubias

·     Results ( Woodmonster and Triple Crown): Minori Tsuge, Chris Mintzias and Keith Evans-Orville

·     Photography: Luigi Semenzato , Dominique and Mandy Philippine, Jay Boncodin.

·     Design: Michael  Mabry

 Finally I would like to recognize Susan Colborn who for the second year is co-race director and does an amazing job  helping with the race organization the weeks prior to the race and navigates the ship on race day. She is the best MC!  

Thanks again for your participation! Enjoy your summer and come back next year,  Susan Colborn and Christine Chapon, Woodmonster Race directors

© Copyright 2017. Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders.


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