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UPDATED! preliminary results for the July 2013 Fourth Sunday Run

28 Jul 2013 3:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
An error that misaligned several names with bibs has been fixed. Take a look at the new preliminary results. They should look A LOT better!

To fix the error in alignment, I just added names manually. I will now go back and add in ages, genders, and cities, but I figured you'd just be anxious to see the right time with your name.

Thank you for your patience!

(note: times in red in the document are being confirmed with the third back-up method. Places are correct, but times may need adjusting by a few seconds or confirmation.)


A hearty congratulations to all 182 finishers who helped make this the largest Fourth Sunday Race on record! 

Of all races, it sure was bad luck for the timing system to have a power meltdown on this big one. But thankfully, we always have TWO sets of back up just in case this happens. This was the first time since adopting chip timing that we've needed to rely exclusively on manual back-up. Huge thanks to Vivek and Erasmo who never missed a beat as they became prime timers instead of backup!

Attached here are the results from the first back-up system: July 2013 4SR first preliminary results

The data is a bit rough (I haven't spell checked yet), and I'm still going to refer back to the second back-up system to clarify some times. If you notice anything glaringly wrong with what you have as your own self timed time, please let me know, as it can narrow the window of error. 

Please send corrections to Sarah Vital not later than Friday, August 2 at schtimpy27@gmail.com

The final results will be posted in the official database next week. Once those results are posted and you find that you placed in your division, you are entitled to a place ribbon that we were unable to give out today due to the equipment issue. If you'd like your ribbon, you can elect to a) pick it up at your next 4SR, or b) email me your address and I will mail it to you. 
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