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Jesse Owens Partners Run: The LMJS February Virtual 4th Sunday Race

  • 12 Feb 2021
  • 15 Mar 2021
  • 11:00 PM
  • Run in your neighborhood or a nearby location that is safe and open



LMJS VIRTUAL Fourth Sunday RACE Info

We'd love to have you join us for a special two person relay race just in time for Black History month- the Jesse Owens Partners Race: the LMJS February Virtual  Run/Walk! Jesse Owens set three world records and was the first American to win four Olympic track and field gold medals in 1936 in Berlin. This record stood for 48 years. Want a little inspiration for your own run? Here's a short video of Owens winning the open 100 meters in that Olympics. Epic!

This month, we wanted to bring you a virtual reminder of our popular Lake Merritt Relay.  We will offer two 2 person relays: a 2 x 5K and a 2 x 10K. Remember to self time and stay safe!

Runners can complete their race in their neighborhood or other safe location from February 26 - March 14.

Team divisions:

  • Mixed (one female/one male)
  • Two Females
  • Two Males
  • Non-Binary
Age Groups (age of BOTH participants added together):
  • 0  -  40
  • 41 - 70
  • 71 - 100
  • 101 - 120
  • 121 - 140
  • 141 - 159
  • 160 - 200+
Choose wisely.

Each team member will register individually. Each will pay your entry fee on a sliding scale ($2.50-$20.00). You'll select the amount that you'd like to pay on the left. Later in the registration process you'll select your team's distance (hint: be sure to agree on this before registering).

Race proceeds will be donated to the Alameda County Food Bank to help the health of our community in this difficult time.

Here's how the virtual race will work:

1. Each participant, whether on a team or not (may include non LMJS members), must register for this LMJS event.

For example, if Mickey and Minnie are a team, then both Mickey and Minnie must EACH register.

If Cinderella WANTS to run but doesn't have a partner, she should also register (see #2 below).

This will allow everyone (including those without partners) to enter. 

2. Indicate if you have a partner or not. If so, write in their name. If not, just write 'not yet' and a partner will be found for you in a potluck fashion.

We need your partner's name if you have one so that we don't place YOUR partner on a team with an unjoined runner.

3. Indicate the distance that your team will run, which will be either 2 x 5K or 2 x 10K. This means that each person on your team will complete either one timed 5K or one timed 10K.

If you DO NOT have a partner yet, indicate the distance that you will be run/walking (either a 5K, meaning that you will be on a 2 x 5K team or a 10K, meaning that you will be on a 2 x 10K team) and a partner who is completing the same distance will be matched with you.

4. Run or walk your chosen race distance in your neighborhood or other safe location between February 26th and the evening of March 14th. Be sure to self-time your run/walk.*

5. Runners on teams can run different routes on different days and then add their times together for the results form. They do not need to run together, or to run one directly after the other unless they wish.

6. One person on your team will report your team's race time using our online results form (the link will be emailed to you when you register). You will enter your team's total age and total team time ON THE RESULTS FORM so that we can compile age group results.

For example, if Chip is 26 and Dale is 36, then their team's total age is 62 and their Age Group is 41 - 70.

If Chip runs 00:29:00 and Dale runs 00:34:00, then their total TEAM time is 01:03:00.

7. The form must be submitted by Sunday, March 14th, 8:00 p.m. to be included in the results.  The link to the form will also be in your confirmation email. 

We will post results on our website as usual. Please use the same email address to log your results as you did to register to be counted in the final age group results.

For added fun, we welcome you to take a selfie and submit it to Training@lmjs.org. We'd like to make a photo slideshow to post on our website!

* There are many apps on the internet that can help you calculate your run distance.  For example there is the Google Map Pedometer (https://www.mappedometer.com), Strava (users guide), or Runkeeper.

Yours in running, LMJS

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