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27th Annual Golden Gate Park Open XC Race, 4 miles

  • 23 Sep 2012
  • 9:00 AM
  • Lindley Meadow, 30th Ave and JFK Drive, Golden Gate Park
 Description by Len Goldman:Race distance is 4 miles or two loops of the course, this is my favorite of all the courses and the easiest, unless we have had a lot of rain and then it can get muddy and a slog. Note, parking is a pain because they always mange to schedule the race the same day as a concert, so allow extra time for parking and walking to the start in Lindley Meadow. Park bathrooms and porta- potties. The start area is grassy and in a bowl, it is rather wide. The first 200-300 yards is on lumpy grass, you would be advised to jog the course and pick your route at the start, as there may be some holes to avoid. After 200 yards or so, you run up a short hill and transition onto a hard pack, dirt path. The next 1/4 mile or so is slightly downhill, so this is a chance to make up some ground, but it is a bit narrow, about 3 people wide for passing. After about 3/4 of a mile you enter a wooded area and part of the path is sand, so not good traction, I have found better footing on the edges. You emerge from this section onto another grassy meadow and pass the 1 mile sign. In the past, there has been a log to make your way over, so take it slow when you do and then there is another short uphill section, where you make a sharp left turn onto a path that runs near the Polo Field track. Parts of this section are sandy and loose footing but it is flat. Kind of narrow for passing too. Next you transition to a wide dirt path that runs through a woodsy area and as you leave it the trail goes downhill a bit and you have to make a sharp left turn, putting you on a dirt path that parelles JFK drive. You next re-enter Lindley Meadow and pass the two mile mark, notice the finish chute as you pass it. You make another loop to complete the 4 mile course. In November, it can be rainy and if so the course will be quite a bit different that what it was in September. Course rating is easy as long as we haven't had much rain.
9:00 AM: Women's Start
9:45 AM: Masters Men
10:30 AM: Open Men
$15.00 if postmarked by Sept. 13, 2012
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