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The Woodmonster Trail Race

(The EAST BAY TRIPLE CROWN is taking a rest this year.)

Woodmonster 2021: *** Cancelled due to the COVID-19 Virus***      Tentative date: June 2022

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Congratulations Woodmonster Survivors 2018!

On Sunday June 24, 2018 you were 195 to toe the start line and cross the finish line, 100% finishers!!! We were treated with the visit and help of Darryl Beardall aka "The Legend", Tamalpa Running Club member, who ran all the Woodminster races but 2017 and 2018 and won in 1988, 1989 and 1991 (also a Dispea winner among his accomplishments). He is hoping to run the race next year!




Our overall winner was speedy Bradford Bryon (60 years old) from Tamalpa Running Club, who crossed the finish line in 1:12.30.

He was followed 3 min and 25 sec later by three youngsters from the That's Fine Track Club, Crosby Freeman (handicapped time 1:30.55, 2nd fastest overall actual time at 55:55), Samuel Robinson (handicapped time 1:31.21, 3rd fastest overall actual time at 57:21) and Paul Balmer (handicapped time 1:31.51, 1st fastest overall actual time 55:51).

The first lady to cross the finish line was Elizabeth Ross (51 years old, handicapped time 1:38.41, actual time 1:28.41). Elizabeth was followed by Anne Mason (52 years old, handicapped time 1:39.25, real time 1:29.25) from Pamakids Running Club, and our fastest actual time female runner Kelsey Tierney (20 years old, handicapped time 1:41.08, actual time 1:17.08).

Our most senior runners started together in the first wave, Alan Whippy for the ladies and Dan Boone for the gentleman. They crossed the finish line in 116th and 99th position, respectively, not bad! 

Our youngest runners were Felix Menjivar and Peter Hake, both 13. They finished in 78th and 124th, respectively.

2018 Transports Woodmonster Hill Climb Premium

The Woodmonster Climb is 0.89 mile long with a 14% average grade and 1,536 ft elevation gain.

This year, our Woodmonster Climb Queen was Rachel Latta and our King was Paul Balmer.

Paul Balmer has set a new record for the fastest climb time! He also had the second fastest time for this year's race.


Men:  Paul Balmer
        Woodmonster climb time: 9:20
        Overall finish time: 55:51.7
Women:  Rachel Latta
        Woodmonster climb time: 13:52
        Overall finish time: 1:37:44
        2nd Arielle Slam Woodmonster climb time: 13:52


Men:  Isaac Gonzalez
        Woodmonster climb time: 13:00
        Overall finish time: 1:16:41
Women:  Deborah Arrington
        Woodmonster climb time: 15:10
        Overall finish time: 1:30:16


Men:  Ivor Brown
        Woodmonster climb time:  13:04
        Overall finish time:  1:21:43
Women:  Anne Mason
        Woodmonster climb time: 15:48
        Overall finish time: 1:29:25

Team Competition

And the winner this year is... Pamakids with 19 runners!!!

  • Pamakids: 19
  • Tamalpa: 12
  • Running for a Better Oakland: 8
  • East Bay Beer: 7
  • That's Fine Track Club: 4
  • Bear Area: 3
  • Pelican Inn: 2
  • Oakland Tri Club: 2
  • Alamo Crazies: 1
  • Bay Area Orienteering: 1
  • Forward Motion: 1
  • Orinda Road Runners: 1
  • Ratti: 1
  • San Francisco Running Company: 1
  • West Valley Track Club: 1
  • Foothill: 1
  • UC Berkeley: 1
Note: Since this is an LMJS race, LMJS was not considered in the Team Competition!


    As usual, this race could not have happened without the monster number of monster volunteers at the race!

    Thank you Diane Ambrose and Susan Colborn for all your work behind the scene.

    • Online Registration: Jack Zacharian and Marie Nagaki
    • Website: Marie Nakagaki
    • Communication: Kathryn Dernham
    • Transports Woodmonster Hill Climb Premium: Sam Robinson
    • Design (Card, Shirt, Beer Glass): Michael Mabry
    • Cooks: Jeanine Holmlund and Nancy Philipinne
    • Marking the course: Diane Ambrose and Amelia Ambrose, Allegra N. Kim and Kathryn Dernham,
    • Pre-running the course: Mike Ambrose and Ruben Ramirez,
    • Parking: Chris Mellor, Chris Mintzias, Edward Carney, Jim Morris, Roberto Z. Donaire
    • Start/Finish/Announcer: Susan Colborn
    • Registration: Allegra N. Kim, Kathryn Dernham, Nancy Philippine, Lylah Person, Susan Colborn
    • T-shirts: Allegra N. Kim, Kathryn Dernham, Jonathan Kaufman, Lylah Person
    • Food table: Nancy Philipinne, Edward Carney, Lylah Person, Neal Holmlund
    • Finish Line: Kate Stewart, "The Legend" Darryl Beardall, Jonathan Kaufman.
    • Photographer: Diane Ambrose and Amelia Ambrose, Dominique Philippine, Stephen Woo
    • Course Monitors: Scott Donahue, Estelle and son, Jeanne Olson, Ashley Battaglino, Jim Buck, Jane McFarland, Sonia Iron Cloud, Diane and Amelia Ambrose, Karin Tulloch, Diane Bomberg, Al Claudio, Ebo Dawson-Andoh, Max Podell, Vickie Varela Podell, Sue and Steve Gersten, Karen Kline, Brittney Johnson, Sharon Taylor, Karen Fishwild Andrews, Vivek Correa, Chris Mellor, Chris Mintzias
    • Skyline Aid Station: Captain Mike Shanahan, Lorraine McVey, Lisa Tricia Poblete
    • Redwood Bowl Aid Station: Captain David Lindberg, Daniel Vasquez, RBO students German and Sergio, Linda Port, Cindy Long, Tayson Bui
    • Sweeper: Roberto Z. Donaire
    • Scrubber: Clay Lindberg Van Batenburg and Todd Glieden

    Many, many thanks for racing with us and please come back next year!!!

    -- Susan Colborn and Christine Chapon, Woodmonster Race Directors.

    The Woodmonster race is one of the favorite races among our runners! It is located in Redwood Regional Park at the Canyon Meadow staging area. The race starts and finishes at the Owl Picnic Area.

    Sign up early! Registration is limited to 200 runners and the race will sell out.

    RACE DATE: Sunday, June 24, 2018, 8:30am
    LOCATION: Owl Picnic Area, Redwood Gate, 7867 Redwood Road, Oakland CA 94619
    GOOGLE MAPS: https://goo.gl/maps/7TmL2haMDSt
    DISTANCE: 8.4 mile hilly, cross-country loop on dirt trails. Age and gender handicapped race.
    PRE-REGISTRATION: Open until June 22, 2018 or until sold out.
    RACE FEES: $25 - LMJS members; $35 - Non-members
    RACE DAY REGISTRATION: Opens at 7:30 AM. Entry fee $45, if not sold out. Redwood park gate opens at 7:15 am.
    BIB PICKUP: Begins at 7:30 at the start at Owl Picnic Area

    Entry fee includes short sleeve finishers t-shirt in high quality technical fabric. Every effort will be made to accommodate your size but we ask for your understanding if we do not have your first choice.

    Questions? Please contact Race Director Christine Chapon at woodmonsterxc@gmail.com


    The race starts and finishes at the OWL PICNIC AREA in the Redwood Regional Park - Canyon Meadow staging area. Please make sure to preview the course. This beautiful and challenging course is 8.4 miles, with plenty of hills and single track trails! The infamous Woodmonster climb is a given of course!!! Stay with us after the race and enjoy a delicious brunch offered by LMJS! Members of other running clubs, make sure to recruit many of your members, we will have the two team competitions, one based on number of runners and another for the fastest team.


    Parking inside park. FEE - $5 TO BE PAID AT THE GATE. The gate will open at 7:15 am.



    1. Up Stream
    2. Right Up Prince
    3. Left up East Ridge to Skyline Gate Aid station (Mile 3)
    4. Down Stream
    5. Right Tres Sendas
    6. Left up Star Flower
    7. Left up French
    8. Right up Madrone
    9. Right on West Ridge to Redwood Bowl
    10. Right through the Bowl
    11. Left up to West Ridge Aid station (Mile 5.7)
    12. Left down West Ridge
    13. Left Down Chown-Right on French and Left down Orchard
    14. Left on Bridle
    15. Right on Stream to Owl Picnic area.

    HANDICAP START TIMES (May be subject to slight revisions)

    This race features a "reverse" handicap system!

     8:30  8:35 
     8:40  8:45  8:50  8:54  8:58    9:02  9:04  9:06
     Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H Group I
    Group J   

     -5 mins
    -10 mins
    -15 mins
     -20 mins
    -24 mins
    -28 mins -32 mins
    -34 mins
    -36 mins
    Women 65+ Women 55-64
    Women 50-54
    Women 45-49
    Women 40-44
    Men 50-54
     Men 45-49  Men 40-44
    Men 30-39
    Men 19-29
    Men 75+
     Men 70-74
    Men 65-69
    Men 60-64
    Women 14-18
    Women 19-39
      Men 14-18

    Women 13 and under
    Men 55-59
    Men 13 and under



    The Woodmonster is one of the toughest climbs in the East Bay. It is difficult, it is steep, it is glorious. To spice up the already zesty Woodmonster race, this is a fun premium to the fastest men’s and women’s times up the 0.8 mile Transports Woodmonster Climb. The climb happens mid-race, so even if you finish 200th overall, you can still win by getting yourself up the hill faster than everyone else. Click for more info


    Team prizes will be awarded to the team with the most participants.


    • Overall winners will receive a pair of shoes from Transports
    • Age group winners will receive a Transports gift card
    • Hill Climb winners will receive a Transports gift card
    • Top 30 finishers to cross the finish line will receive a Woodmonster pint glass
    • Team prize awarded to the team with the most participants


    Early start is available to those participants needing more then 2.5 hours to complete the course. You must e-mail race directors in order to take advantage of early start. Runners choosing to start early will not be eligible for awards. Email the race directors at: woodmonsterxc@gmail.com


    Wonderful breakfast items will be provided at the finish of the race to all registered runners (as long as it lasts).


    Skyline Gate at 3 mile and Chabot observatory access road at 5 miles. We recommend that runners carry a bottle of water.


    Many thanks to our generous 2018 sponsors:


    2018 RESULTS

    2017 RESULTS

    2017 CHAMPIONS

    First: Lisa Oyen
    Second: Joseph Stefani
    Third: Bradford Bryon
    Fastest: Matt Duffy and Linn Schulte Sasse
    Team: Tamalpa Runners

    2016 RESULTS


    Open Men: Scott Trummer - 55:19
    Open Women - Linn Schulte Sasse -1:06.36
    Senior Men - Bradford Bryon - 1:10.21
    Senior Women - Jeanine Holmlund - 1:19.42
    High School Men - Joseph Harmon - 1:02:51
    High School Women - Veda Skatter - 1:41:28


    Please contact Christine Chapon - woodmonsterxc@gmail.com.

    Thank you for your support!

    Join us for training!

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